Alastair Clarke on the Future of EV Technology

By: Alistair Clarke

London has now deployed over 25,000 EV Taxis the pace of change is quickening, so what decisions should private hire and taxi firm be making? Find out in this fascinating interview with Alastair Clarke, Founder and CEO of EV Technology Limited.

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Electric Vehicles - The next game changer for private hire

By: Alistair Clarke

When I started eConnect cars in in 2013, I thought that electric vehicles were about to disrupt the private hire (minicab) industry. Nissan had just brought out the second generation Leaf, Source London was installing charge point and other cities were also starting...

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Future-proof management of EV charging points

By: Alistair Clarke

In this session, you will hear from EV Technology, who are building a platform which facilitates the coordination of all participants in the EV market.

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Cracking the business model for mass market EV deployment

By: Corinna Bellone

How will the roles of conventional suppliers and new entrants evolve and interact to deliver smart charging propositions for mainstream customers? We explore developments in Europe and North America.

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EV Technology Analysis Series: The Introduction

We are passionate about EVs but we know their world is complicated, that’s why we’ve decided to create this analysis series, to help tackle some of this complexity.

We regularly hear news about the climate emergency and how doing our bit to help reduce emissions is becoming more and more important. Just last week the Government announced it is bringing forward the ban on the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles to 2035, after experts said 2040 would be too late if the UK wants to achieve its target of emitting virtually zero carbon by 2050 (

But how this is going to be achieved in terms of road transport, is an incredibly varied and complex set of issues. From getting people into EVs in the first place, to building a functional and cohesive nationwide charging infrastructure, and then managing the energy required to power all these new vehicles. There are many hurdles that need to be overcome to achieve the EV revolution.

However, being part of the electric vehicle industry makes us optimistic. We regularly encounter individuals and businesses meeting some of the major challenges head on with brilliant ideas and an abundance of passion and determination. We are already seeing the number of EVs increasing on our roads. Adoption is set to increase in 2020 as a host of new makes & models are released. The energy sector is also now positively engaging, such as offering EV specific tariffs and contributing to the roll-out of significant charging infrastructure.

At EV Tech we are trying to drive EV adoption with innovation, data science and some good old- fashioned experience.

Our focus has been on fleets and smoothing the way for them to electrify their vehicles. With over 50% of new vehicle registrations each year belonging to fleets (according to SMMT -, they are an important part of the electrification puzzle. We have been looking into how we can harness tech to help fleets achieve their EV goals.

Now despite 15 years of collective experience in the EV industry, we still find ourselves learning all the time. In this new and growing market, it is no wonder that business owners and fleet operators, find transitioning to EVs difficult as the challenges they must solve transcend traditional departmental boundaries.

To orient ourselves a little we have produced the diagram below which sets out just some of the multifaceted ecosystem that must be entered into when a fleet considers electric vehicles:

Each part of this ecosystem represents a new area of the market to understand and get to grips with. So, to help cut through some of this complexity and apply some real-world data analysis to the issues, we have come up with the EVT Analysis Series.

We have been collecting data on the use of EVs and the use of charge points for several years, and through this series of articles we hope to bring to light some of our interesting findings, lay out some of our insights, and hopefully trigger some conversations amongst many of the bright minds in our network. For each new article we will look at distinct topics that cover different parts of the ecosystem.

We hope this series will help you understand this complex EV world just a little bit more and realise that going EV can be done without too many headaches!

Stay tuned for the first in the series, coming out soon.

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