EV Technology is a leading electric car consultancy and technology provider to the electric vehicle industry.

EV Technology equips its customers with the tools and know-how to be able to make the switch from petrol and diesel transport to electric. From driver education and journey planning to fleet management and cost analysis, EV Technology’s electric vehicle consultants bring unparalleled experience and technology to customers wanting to embrace the electrification of their transport.

Established in 2017, EV Technology was born out of eConnect Cars, a pioneering business in the electric car mobility sector. eConnect Cars was the first and only 100% electric private hire fleet in London and has provided over three years of unique insights and experience.

eConnect Cars won numerous awards for its work in bringing zero-emission cars to the streets of London and has assisted other fleets in evaluating the switch to electric. In 2015, eConnect won an Innovate UK grant to establish a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with London Metropolitan University. The intellectual property associated with this work along with the data collected from nearly 500,000 km of real-world electric driving, formed the basis of EV Technology.

Focusing on the software applications required to use electric cars in commercial fleets at scale, the solutions being brought to market include range forecasting and management, integration of electric vehicles into auto-dispatch platforms and access to charging infrastructure.