The future of urban car transport is electric, connected and autonomous.

Is Your Business Ready?

EV Technology, a leading electric car consultancy, is your partner to unlock the benefits of electric mobility.


  • Combating range anxiety
  • Navigating the current charging infrastructure
  • Improving driver behaviour and education
  • Understanding the whole life costs of ownership


  • Experience - Electric vehicle (EV) consultants with unparalleled industry knowledge and expertise
  • Technology - Electric vehicle driver-focused technology platform
  • Data - Unique proprietary data and insight

Products & Services

  • DATA

    Our specialist EV telematics devices have collected over 500,000 km of real-world EV driving data.


    With the information collated from our data analysis and our experience of running an all-electric London taxi company (eConnect cars), we have gained unique, expert knowledge that can be applied to your business.


    This knowledge combined with our data analytics and machine learning techniques has given us a real understanding of how to effectively employ EVs at scale, helping you to transition in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Clients & Partners